1988 3.5L V8 EFI Range Rover

This page follows my progress on my Range Rover Classic

September 2012

In september I bought my Range Rover, a new and exciting toy to play with!

Get started straight away, at 23:30 or so, take those nasty bullbars off.

Look at that engine, 3.5L V8!

Time to inspect the rusted areas, not looking so good, but I've seen worse...

Oh dear, this needs cleaning before it goes back on!

Doesn't that look much better

Oh and the intake manifold surfaces as well...

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October 2012

Right, I've had the range rover for a month and not a lot of progress...

Organise the bolts, see what I need to order... quite a lot actually!

This is before the cleaning and red oxide process, its mostly surface rust!

First part of welding and some red oxide primer.

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November 2012

That rusty patch at top of wheel arch lets water through, probably what caused the wheel arch to rust

Slow progress, bottom of the goal posts were rotten

Comparison of the other side

Other side is now solid

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December 2012

Bottom of the goal posts now sorted

Got hold of a new bumper, stripped, welded, red oxide primered and painted black!

Looks like I had better get started on that engine!

The lengths I go to, the things I do for fun, bloody rain!

Inlet manifold and rocker covers on...

Ram housing, fuel rail, pressure regulator, over-run switch and injectors...

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January 2013

Engine finally complete, hoses in place. Won't start! Getting another ECU...

All the lights work though.

Yep, this sill definitely needs replacing!

Sill cut out and floor taken back to good metal. You can see the accelerator pedal!

Outriggers cleaned, red oxide and black chassis paint...

Welding the mounts to the new sill. 100*60*1400mm 3mm thick steel box section. SOLID!

New sill in place.

Bottom of B pillar fabricated and welded.

Rear wheel arch and new floor rebuilt. I spilt the primer everywhere!

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February 2013

Sill is starting to take place

A pillar rebuilt

ECU and seat mount in

All coated in red oxide

Then I painted it all black and put fitted the doors, the seals and some trim.

I'm quite pleased with the results, horrible to think what it was previously like...

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March 2013

Engine still doesn't start, compression tests did not go well. Engine out and to be rebuilt

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April 2013

Started work on the front wings and lightboxes...

This does NOT look happy

Had to rebuild the front of the wings

Everything looks better after a clean and a coat of paint

Then it all gets put back together, time for the other side

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May 2013

Until something like this happens, when you lean on the wing and it shears from the bulkhead...

Had enough and removed the entire wing and lightbox in one go.

This has seen better days... You can see where its been butchered to make room for the suspension turrets with extra shock mounts.

Rebuild the bottom of the lightbox

I took off the bottom of the light box and LOST it!!! I think it went to the tip in the scrap metal pile. DOH! :evil: So I made a new one! Crude, but its okay.

Yay rebuilt

Then it was onto the inner wing... required EIGHT patches! Eurgh, next time I'm going to get complete parts from YRM. This was a PAIN to do!!!

This was the area that had to be cut out for the suspension turrets:


Then I pressure washed and left to dry in the sun...

Then took these abominations off... Anyone want a 2" lift (shocks and springs) and stupid turrets for a RRC? Might clean them up and put them on ebay for a couple of pennies, let some other monkey have them.

Then a test fit!

Oh and a painted chassis

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June 2013

What? Are you from the future?

Awful patch to the horizontal box and side of bulkhead for the wing, these were held on with silicon!!

Final patch to the off side wheel arch

Bumper was interesting, had to cut out the mounts, weld in new ones and replace all of it.

It was a bit messy on the ends


Up on stands ready for the next bits

What a nice lack of rust! I think I'll get some of that high impact stuff, stop the stone chips screwing everything up

Final bit I am REALLY pleased with, I have spent the last 10 months battling with the tailgate to try and get it open. If it actually closed then that would be great. But to get it open I would have to resort to sticking a screwdriver in the latch! Not any more!

First we have to take the old ones off

Then we try and fit new parts, and then we find that the holes for the bolts haven't been drilled properly... Oh well.

Then once the holes have been drilled out, we fit new parts! Yay!

Then the back end needs doing...

And I took the bottom discs that hold the rear springs..... and find the mounts on the axle have holes in them. I was NOT expecting this... I probably should have though. Oh well, got the welder out and repaired it.

Old parts

And all fitted

And finally, sitting on standard suspension feels good! Front end is high due to no engine...

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July 2013

What? Are you from the future?

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August 2013

What? Are you from the future?

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