Binary Hex Mnenomic Operation Excuted
0000 0000 0x00 NOP No operation
0001 0000 0x10 ADD Sum of the A and B registers
0010 0000 0x20 SUB The subtraction of the B register from the A register
0011 0000 0x30 AND Logical AND of the A and B registers
0100 0000 0x40 OR Logical OR of the A and B registers
0101 0000 0x50 NOT Logical NOT of the A register
0110 0000 0x60 XOR Logical XOR of the A and B registers
0111 XXXX 0x7X PSH Pushes the selected register onto the stack
1000 XXXX 0x8X POP Pops the stack into the selected register
1001 0000 0x90 JMP Jumps to address
1010 0000 0xA0 JPI Indirect jump, point to a location in memory and jumps to the value stored in the address
1011 0000 0xB0 JPZ Jumps if the zero flag is set
1100 0000 0xC0 JPC Jumps if the carry flag is set
1101 0000 0xD0 JPS Jumps if the sign flag is set
1110 XXX 0xEX STM Writes selected register to memory address
1111 XXX 0xFX LDM Loads memory address to selected register